Struggling with pattern

Hi everyone,

I just started knitting again after a 20 year break and so far so good - blankets, scarves etc. All very easy and successful!

However, I just started knitting a poncho for my friend’s baby and I’ve unravelled 4 times and hope someone can help me.

The problem is the below instructions:

yfwd, sL1K, K1, psso. Do I bring the yarn back around the back on the needle before I ‘K1’ or knit from the wrong side if that makes sense?

Most of the pattern is made up of variations of the above and I’m finding it hard to go from the sL1K to the K1 and then psso.

I’d be SO grateful for any advice.

Thanks all.

yfwd(YO), slip 1 as if to knit, then with the slipped st only(leaving the yo on the right needle, pass the slipped stitch over the knit 1 and off the right needle. Hope this helps… Mary

Bring the yarn in front, slip one stitch, knit the next (with the yarn in front) That will create a yo when you knit it and the yarn will now be in the back. Then lift the slipped stitch over the one you knit and off the needle tip.