Struggling Beginner

I am new to knitting as of the Fall of 2020. I understand the long tail cast on, the knit stitch, and binding off. I have made a couple dish clothes albeit with a few holes in them. I tried to move on to another dish cloth pattern to learn a new stitch but I struggle with the purl stitch. Can anyone recommend a good online beginner class to walk me through learning how to knit? I would love to follow a class, even if it prerecorded rather than just watch videos.

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Hello, as another beginner, I have enjoyed the videos by I feel like she gives a thorough lesson and you can see what she’s doing. She’s funny too! :wink:


Thank you! I just checked them out and she is very thorough! Very helpful suggestion!

perfect !! :star_struck:

Hi and welcome!

It sounds like you already found some helpful stuff, but I was immediately wondering what style of knitting you’re learning? There are so many different methods and styles around the world that that might help narrow down the suggestions to the most relevant material for you at the moment.

I have found lots of helpful stuff on youtube in the past, but it’s definitely hit or miss to wade through it all without specific guidance…

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