Struggle reading pattern

Hi there, I’m new to knitting and hope somebody can enlighten me on a problem I have. I’m trying to do a shoulder wrap. I have the pattern and a beginners book with descriptions and abbreviation list. The row goes like this: k2 p1 yon k3 s1 k2tog psso k3 yfwd yrn p1; now what’s confusing me is that after the yfwd I do not have a knit stitch given within the pattern? Is the yfwd standing for yarnover AND stich one? I’m just confused that right after it there is a yrn which as per my beginners book stands for yarnover between purl stiches :worried: hope somebody can help untwisting please :pleading_face:

Welcome to KH!
Can you tell us the name of the pattern you’re following or give us a link to it?
The Yfwd, yrn is most likely a double yarn over.
Remember that a yarn over doesn’t require a following knit stitch. For a yarn over or yarn fwd, bring the yarn to the front and over the right needle to the back. That’s all.
Can you also give us the next row of the pattern? Not the whole pattern due to copyrights.

Hi and thank you very much for responding I have attached a picture from part of the pattern as I actually bought it in the yarn shop :slightly_smiling_face:image|900x1200 In the 2nd 4th and 6th row you can see what I’m describing. I tryed what you were describing here in your answer and it actually makes sense. Together with 2 other error I figured out myself the pattern finally starts to appear :partying_face: thank you very much! Oh and you asked for what the pattern was called and I’m not sure what you need me to tell you to be honest? On the pattern itself it only says shoulder wrap and then it tells me how it goes. It is further from king Cole. Might not be of importance anymore as the problem seems solved but I thought I still give you an answer in case you wanna know :upside_down_face:

Great! Glad it’s working out.