Strongest stitch

if you were knitting on big needles and you want what you are knitting tobe able to hold some weight… what stitch would be the strongest? :thinking:

Probably garter stitch. Since it’s the same on both sides, it will distribute the stress evenly. However, stockingette would be a very close second.

ok, i was doing garter stitch because i hate to purl, but i kind of thought stockingette would be stronger! thanks Silver! :thumbsup:

I would also say, that garter is stronger than stockinette.
However, I think the strongest stitch pattern would be a woven kind of stitch. I’ve made a purse with one of those and it’s really strong Of course it depends on your project.

I also think the woven variety is pretty strong. I’ve used the plaited basket stitch before; it was quite sturdy. Just be really mindful of your tension; this st is pretty tight. :thumbsup: When I started w/ it, it was very easy for the sts to get stuck on the needle they were so tight. :lol:

:oops: thanks for the links… only problem is… i’m not very good at following patterns!!! thats why i stick to gater and stockinette!!! i know i know. you can’t knit if you can’ follow a pattern!!! my mom and the lady @ the LYS told me that when i started! i’m getting there! :thumbsup:

gasp Sure you can follow a pattern!!! If you can knit, purl and YO, then YOU CAN FOLLOW A PATTERN!! :thumbsup: hugs

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