Striping or variegated?

How do I find out if a yarn is going to be self striping or variegated just by looking at it because sometimes it doesnt say and all I have to go on is a picture :?? For example this yarn:

Aimee -

I would say that very lovely yarn is verigated. Is it Malabrigo?

I’ve found that the self striping yarns look striped on the skein - as shown in the picture below (hoplessly stolen from here).

Yes it is malabrigo I seen it while searching for yarn on ebay and I thought I would maybe treat myself and buy some to make a hat :teehee: Its lovely yarn isn’t it :heart: I never used malabrigo I hope its as soft as everyone says it is and thank you for your reply. I was like what the heck :?? varigated or striping :teehee: but now I see what you mean