Striping on dpns

happy new year! i’m making some striped mittens!

after casting on and dividing evenly between 3 dpns i k1p1 for one round. the 2nd rnd calls for a color change. when i’m finishing up the 1st round and i’m on the 3rd needle should i be connecting the last stitch on that 3rd needle to the first knit stitch on the first needle of the 2nd round? i’m confused because it’s a new color and i’m not sure if i need to join the 1st and 2nd round.

thank you for any suggestions!


You’ll end after you’ve knit the required number of rounds with color A (I’m calling it that for simplicity’s sake); then you’ll start color B at the beginning of the next round.

Watch this video and see if it helps! (Scroll down to “double knit-in join” in the section on “joining a new color yarn”)

Oh my, Angelia! You have saved my little mittens! This join is so much neater than what I was doing! Thanks so much!