Striping in a Scarf

I’m making a scarf to match a hat I made for my mother-in-law. I’d like to use the ribbed pattern as follows:

K2P1 (repeat to end of row)

When I switch colors, how do I keep from having the little lines in the change-over rows? I’ve seen ways to avoid having them on the “right” side, but is there any way to keep from having a “right” and “wrong” side on a scarf?

Does this even make any sense? I think I’ve confused myself, even, LOL…

Thanks for any help,

Here’s a very simple, but effective trick, however, it will definitely give you a right and wrong side:

  1. If you use the long tail cast on, the actual cast on gives you a first row, a right side row. When you work your first row, you will be on the wrong side. You can tell this because you will get a set of purl bumps on the “other side” when you to that cast on. That other side is what becomes your wrong side.
  2. When you change colors in ribbing, do it on the right side, and knit across the row, completely, without any purl stitches. When you do the next row, going back to your rib stitch, you’ll never be able to tell and you will have no half and half stitches on the right side. However, as I said in the beginning, you will very much see it on the wrong side.

I learned another trick when I was making a the sampler from the book The Sweater Workshop by Jacqueline Fee.

“[I]For a neat, clean-cut stripe in ribbing, an all-knit round, or row, must be worked on the outside of the fabric to introduce the new color. This all-knit round, or row, prevents the new color from dropping below the old color in the purl stitches.[/I]”

Try it. It works and you’d never know that there was one all knit row in there. :thumbsup:

It’s an excellent book btw!

I think we’re talking about the same thing:??

This is what’s so amazing about this forum. I read the questions here and realize the things I never knew I didn’t know or even that I wanted to know them.

I’ll buy that book just as soon as my husband stops looking at my recent Kindle purchases.

Yep, we are. :teehee: