Striping! How to?

Hello all! I want to knit and (scroll down until you see the title Forbidden love)

I have made one set of these with selfstriping yarn and it worked great but I haven’t been able to find any in red and black and that is what was just requested for a friends daughter for christmas. anyway, if I want to do this still, I will have to stripe it myself. How would I do this? I could just jump in and try it but I know there are things I won’t think of since I’ve never striped before! any advice is welcome!

Both of your links are the same (no ref to ‘Forbidden’ that I saw on that page). How many rows of each color are you planning to do? You can carry the unused yarn up inside the hat while working with the other. You need to be concerned about your color ‘stepping’ as you switch so look into jogless joins (existing posts on this topic on KH). Otherwise, it’s pretty straight forward. Instead of working with one color you’ll still follow the patt but every so many rounds will switch your color.


lol, I fixed the second link. I’m still trying to learn how to use this new computer! Thanks for the info!

I seem to recall seeing sock yarns in black/red but that gauge wouldn’t match what you’re looking to do (altho you could try doubling). If you can locate the variegated you no longer have to concern yourself with the striping. Traditional strips…2+ rows/rounds or more…may not be the look you’re going for if you want the colors more muted. You might want to work a finer solid red and solid black… doubled.