Stripes - what to do with "other" color?

Hello, I have a simple question about making stripes - what do I do with the unused color yarn while I am knitting the other? Do I have to cut it and tie it after each stripe, and then re-tie it on? Or is there a way to work it in? I am a little confused, I have only done solid projects so far! Thank you for your help!!! :smiley:

It depends on the width of the stripes you are doing. If it is a thin stripe (usually less than an inch) you can leave it hanging there and then when you want to use that color again just carry it up the side of the work and start knitting with it. It is a little messy looking though so if you’re doing a scarf or something you might want to cut and weave in each time. If it’s a wide stripe, you’d probably want to cut and weave it in anyway, as carrying it up the side could bunch it up and make it look messy.

You can also try to carry up one color as you use the other. When you get to the end where the old color is, bring the color in use under the old color and kind of carry it up the side. You’ll be able to see it, but it won’t bunch that way and you won’t have to connect it each time.

Ingrid …I am about to try to carry a strand up for the first time…what do you mean by “under” the new color? What happens when I first join the new color in?

You join in the color as you would any new ball. Is it for the hat? In the round I catch it beforehand. I don’t know if you saw the posts yesterday about adding a new color.

So you’ve knit the first rows, you add your new color and you get around to the beginning of the round. Just put the color you’re working with under the color that’s hanging and it will ‘bring it up.’ Do this for as many rounds as your new color is worked and then reverse them. It doesn’t leave big loops that way, you have no ends to weave in and you only have to attach the new colors once.

This hat isnt worked in the round because its stripey…

I dont think Im doing it right…it looks messy. :frowning:

Why wouldn’t you do it in the round because of the stripes?

Is it messy on the inside or at the edge? Either way, it will be hidden.

I’ve done striped hats in the round–I don’t think you really want a seam on the inside of chemo hat, anyway. There is a technique called jogless jog so your stripes will line up nicely if it’s in the round. To be honest, I never bother, but I’m sure its on line somewhere. Otherwise I’ll look it up when I get home.

I’ve been thinking about the same thing…I have about a third of the hat done, but Im considering frogging & joining & doin it in the round…seems silly not to. :??

Compared to your other projects, the hat is peanuts, you can whip it out in the round during your lunch hour! :wink:

Yeah…I think that’s what Ill do. I guess I just thought Id follow DIRECTIONS, silly me!!

Ill just have to make sure that they didnt add any extra sts to the repeat for seaming…

Kelly, I completed a chemo hat last night (just didn’t have the umph to spend 3 hours trying to re-size my durn pics :rollseyes: ) and the first few rows were knit flat and then joined to finish in the round. I still can’t figure out why the directions said to do that for the ribbing/brim. Made no sense to me since, when finished, I just had to seam those rows. But because I’m good gurl :angelgrin: … I followed the directions. I’m going to make another hat tonight and I’m going to do it all in the round. Makes more sense to me and, besides, I’m feeling like I need to run with scissors today :devil: . Let me know if you beat me to this and finish the hat on your lunch hour and how it turns out.

Here’s the pattern I used (pretty boring - but a good one for the intended use):

Also, I did what Ingrid suggested with carrying the second color of yarn up to the next row on a second pillow I just finished and, OF COURSE, it worked. I did knit it flat, tho. I’ll look for that jogless jog thread for doing this striping in the round.


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Don’t ya just l :heart: ove those days?

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Stripes in the round:
(This only works if you have a minimum of 2 rows per stripe)

Knit 1 round of the new color.
When faced with the first stitch of the second round: pick up a loop of the first color from the preceding row and place it on the left needle. Knit together both the first stitch of the new color and the picked up stitch of the previous row.
Continue knitting around

Hey - 'nana girl … I know not to question you – but why doesn’t this tug and pull and pucker the joining place?


I don’t know. I haven’t used it. I can’t be bothered on the sweaters–just too many rows. The last hat I made for my son had a stripe, but I didn’t know about this then and I haven’t made a stripe since. I’ve read about it in other places, and I just copied and pasted these directions. I will try it on my next striped thing. I’d just try it and see how it turned out. I doubt it would be recommended if it tugs or pulls or puckers since there is always a looseness there. It probably tightens it up a bit.

I tried it once and it left a hole. I didnt like it.

Even so, I dont know WHY I didnt knit this hat in the round since the beginning. SO much better. And, i think because of the colors (taupe and olive), the jog is barely noticeable.