Stripes- Please help!

I’m knitting a striped baby sweater and I’m hoping someone might be able to help me with a quick question. The instructions I have on how to switch colors when striping aren’t very specific. (They’re from the “Yarn Girl’s Guide…” book). Here’s what they said:

1- Work the number of desired rows in color A. Leave the A yarn attached.
2- Addd in color B by looping the new yarn around the right needle and knitting.
3- work the number of desired rows in color B.
4- To switch to color A, let go of color B and pick up color A.

Here’s my problem… The stripes are made up of 10 rows. When I get to the point where I want to switch colors, when I “pick up color A”, it makes a loop along the edge of my knitting. I’m not sure the best way to explain this, but I feel like there must be something I’m missing.

I’ve looked at the video for Fair Isle striping and it shows carrying the yarn across the row which I think I could do- at least for the wrong side (the piece is in St. st). What I don’t understand though, is what you do on the “right side” of the garmet?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give… this is making me bananas! :slight_smile:


If you have wide stripes, you can either cut the yarn and reattach it on the next color change, which means you’ll have more ends to weave in, or you can ‘carry’ it up along the side. You bring the yarn you’re working with under the strand hanging from the side so it gets lifted up every time you work that side. You can see it, but if you’re seaming the sweater it won’t matter.

Thank you so much, Ingrid. Since the stripes are relatively narrow (and I hate sewing in ends) I started carrying it up the side last night and it worked out great. I appreciate the help!

-r :smiley: