Stripes look weird? Maybe?


I am making a striped scarf for my brother (he picked out the colors). I am using the double knit-join in method (although I wasn’t at the time of this pic). Anyway, see what looks like little dashes of color right before and after the color change? Are those normal? Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks! :stuck_out_tongue:

PS-I am a very new knitter!

Great start to your scarf! You’re not really doing anything wrong, there is just a way to join the yarn without the little dashes at the bottom. On this site, look at the videos, it’s under “Knitting Tips” different ways to join yarn and what they look like. Good luck to you.

Whenever you change colors, the two colors will look like that on the purl side. So even if you were working in stockinette, the back would always have those dashes.

The only way to keep them all on one side (if you don’t like them) is to knit one row at the color change on the right side rather than doing seed stitch on that row.

Squeakers, just call it a design feature!!!