Stripes in double stockenett stich

I am trying to figure out how to make horizontal stripes that are the same color on both sides in the double stockenett (k1,p1) stich

I’m not sure what you mean by double stockinette… K1p1 is considered ribbing. Is that what you mean? By horizontal I assume you just want stripes. In that case you just change colors every 2 rows or whatever width you want.

It’s double knitting @Jan_in_CA .

I want to say you can’t use the same strand on both sides over a large horizontal portion, @Newnitter but I don’t think that’s right because you can k1 s1 the same strand on both sides of a whole piece so I’m sure in the least you could do that if it’s an item that can be turned.

Another possibility is to use another strand of that same color. You could just drop the 3rd color and let it carry up the middle until you are done with the stripe.

I don’t know how lettering works but because side B would be backwards if mirrored it requires using the same colors on both sides for some stitch pairs. I think it relies on it not being a whole row that uses the same strand on both sides and the unused strand is holding the sides apart floating in the middle.

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Sorry for a late response I have been busy the last couple of days. What method would you recommend to change the color. I am doing wider then 4 rows so I don’t think carrying the second color up would be the best idea.

This is Double Stockinette. Is this what you’re doing? I’ve done stripes in it. I think I would not carry the yarn for more than an inch or so between stripes but it could be done. I’m thinking it would be very easy to get the carried yarn too loose or too tight for more rows than would make an inch. That could cause some problems perhaps. I did my color changes at the beginning of the row/round. I probably twisted the yarns but I’m not certain.

:point_up_2: Well that’s cool! Although that lady is annoying to listen to!

I found out all double knitting stockinette on both sides is called double stockinette whether K1S1 single strand or K1P1 double strand.

I think that I have figured out how to do it. I just changed the yarn by cutting it off and using the new one. But make sure that you complete the hole row (since this like double kniting 2 passes would be one row) and change the colors on the same side. Since the inside is hollow you can just tuck in the ends into the center.

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