Stripes in Circular Knitting

I am working on a bag (my delinquent July challenge) where the sides are knit in the round. I am doing stripes, and have been using the technique in Stephanie Pearl McPhee’s book “Knitting Rules” to avoid the “jogs”. So I knit a round in the new color, and when I get to the first stitch again I pick up the stitch below (in the old color) and place it in front of the first stitch on the LH needle. Then you knit those two together. Pretty simple. But there is still some bit of a jog. Is this normal?

I have also read in another book to slip the first stitch in the new color purlwise then just continue knitting. When weaving ends in to use the duplicate stitch to pull out the jog by pulling the ends when weaving. Huh. Haven’t tried it as the first method above is pretty easy.

It’s usually less noticable, but not completely “jogless.” At least that’s been my experience. I haven’t tried the second method. Maybe someone who has will chime in…

Thanks for those helpful tips! I’ll try them out… next time. I’ve been knitting stripes in a rib pattern and “hiding” the colour change in between a K and a P. It’s on the inside edge of the sleeve too.

My useful contribution to Stripe Knitting: I have avoided the tedious task of weaving in ends (especially with STRIPES, imagine all the ends…)! I join in colours by looping the two colour ends together about 5 stitches out from the change-over point. Then I knit the double-strand in the first colour for 5 stitches, and the next 5 stitches are made from the double-strand of the second colour!