Striped Socks - cut, or carry the yarn?

When knitting striped socks, with stripes narrow enough to theoretically carry the yarn up, what is best?? I’m thinking that carrying the yarn up would take away from the stretchy nature of the socks (different than carrying yarn up the side of a piece that is to be seamed) but cutting each time and weaving in ends doesn’t sound ideal either :thinking: Any idea what the norm is, or the recommended way? How do you do it?

Good question. I’m just lazy and use the self patterning yarns. It does seem like weaving in the ends would be a real PITA…not to mention harder to od with the little sock stitches. I don’t know what the norm or proper way is…might check out forum. I’m sure that topic would be addressed somewhere there.

Oh boy…I stick with self patterning, too. I don’t think I’d want to weave in all thos ends or have the extra thickness where they are woven in! :shock: I’m not sure what is best. :??

I do self-striping, too…but, I’m accumulating a bit of leftover yarn from socks & was thinking of doing the same thing. I would probaby weave the ends in, I would fear getting my toes caught in the carried yarn :rollseyes:

Okay, I just had a wild idea, tell me if you think it’s weird! :lol:

What if I did, say 5 rounds/stripe BUT when I got to the part where the colour change would be, I join the second colour and knit both strands together for 1 or 2 rounds, then continue on with the second colour on its own for 5 rounds, etc.

I know those in between rounds would be twice as thick but they would also be a variagated mix of the two colours and there would be no weaving in ends because the ends would be knitted in.

What do you think??? :wink: :smiley:

I think it ‘sounds’ pretty, but wouldn’t it make a thicker stripe since it’s double? :thinking:

I was just on a site that did striped socks and showed how to stager the yarn so it spirals up the sock as it stripes. No floats…:slight_smile:
Heres the link, it looks fun.

just and idea

After lots of looking around on the net, I came across this pattern from knitty by the Yarn Harlot and she has instructions on how to weave in ends as you go. Maybe something everyone already knows but it was new to me!!

So that is what I’m doing. I’ve used the random stripe generator to make a stripe pattern with my hot pink/grey colour combo and I’m onto the heel flap of the first sock. I haven’t made socks in quite a while and it’s going so fast and I’m enjoying it. I’ll post progress pics soon.