STRIPED soaker pants/shorts PATTERN?

I’ve never made soakers before but I have a friend requesting something like this

I’m just worried about trying to do the stripes without a pattern because I wouldn’t know if they would match up at the crotch.

Anyone know of a pattern like this?? Thanks so much!

Here are some soaker patterns:

Those look a bit longer, more like shorts. Most of these patterns are long, but you can make them shorter:

I have made many soakers (albeit 25 years ago) and they really must be felted heavily to be effective. Just an FYI so you can size accordingly.

As a cloth diapering mama, I humbly disagree!

My DD has been in cloth since birth (she’s 19 months old now) and I’ve never once used a felted soaker.

As long as it’s wool and properly lanolized a non-felted soaker works wonderfully! :slight_smile: (And my cloth diapering friends agree!)