Striped slippers

I really like that pattern–what kind of yarn is this and what can be substituted for this yarn? Is this a bulky or worsted yarn?



Hi Knitaholic,

Are you talking about the pattern that I am “trying” to do? If so, the material used is that weird Phenex stuff, that is so completely artificial and synthetic, it’s not even funny! At the store, it looks and feels like a weird, rough mixture between pantyhose and fishing net (at least, to me it does :rollseyes: ). It’s also really cheap. I got enough at Wal-Mart for $3 CDN for slippers for a small army.

If you try this pattern and figure it out, can you please come to my house and help me out??? :smiley:

Could you knit this with worsted weight yarn?


I think the yarn that Phentex makes for this pattern is considered a worsted weight even though it’s not really a spun yarn. I have made it with regular, cheap acrylic with fantastic results… and much easier on the hands too! :XX: