Striped Scarf

Ok i just found this website today and so far i’m loving it! it’s very detailed easy to follow, etc…
So i’m fairly new at knitting i’ve been doing it on and off for a couple of years, all i’ve done has been scarves so far lol. But i’ve taken on a new challenge of a striped scarf.
So here’s my question: what would be the easiest way to start a new color for a whole new row? (im doing the stockinette stitch by the way) Should i do the double cast on? it kind of looks the easiest. I’m gonna be working with a lot of colors too.
Thanks for your help!
P.S. i bought acrylic yarn (i wanted bright colors :lol: )

Well Howdie and Welcome!!
Double cast is kewl and fast. I think the easiest way to make stripes is to pick up the new yarn and beginning knitting with it. Some people tie on the new yarn. And that’s fine too. The only reason I don’t do is because of the knot it creates. Of course you could undo the knot when it’s time to weave at the end :wink:

Also - remember that the edges will curl if you use only stockinette st. I recommend add 3-5 knit sts to creat a border so your edges won’t curl. Of course, if you want the edges to curl, then stockinette away :wink:

Enjoy and do post updates on progress!!! We just love that … :drool:

PS: ‘tain’t nothin’ wrong with a 'lil acrylic :mrgreen:

Oh - I forgot to mention that if you do two colors and alternate the colors every 2 rows, then you won’t have to cut the yarn … hence - very little weaving at the end. Otherwise … having stripes bigger than 2 or 4 rows OR changing colors on alternating sides of your scarf will require you to cut and reattach your yarns w/ each change, which is totally fine if you don’t mind weaving. Weaving isn’t my favorite part of knitting I’m afraid :oops: …

Can you elaborate please? I would like to try this…thanks!

She means that since there isn’t a lot of distance between the color changes, you can carry the yarn up to the next color change without having to cut and reattach it.

Thanks…it won’t look bulky on the ends? I will have to experiment :smiley: !

You would see where the yarn carried up. But I think that having to attach the yarn at the ends would be a lot messier.

Yep - thanks Ingrid. Sorry about the time lapse ausmakaiva. :frowning: I don’t have internet at home, so I stole some weekend online time on my brother’s laptop :wink:

I made a striped scarf once by carrying the yarn up the side. It doesn’t make the edges look bulky at all. In fact, when I showed another knitter who wasn’t familiar w/ carrying, she commented on how crisp the edges look. :blush: I used worsted weight yarn and you actually couldn’t even see the yarn being carried up the side. Perhaps with a heavier weight yarn, you might be able to see the yarn carried up the side; but, like Ingrid said, I agree that it looks better than attaching. Not to mention … it’s nice not to have to weave in so many ends! :mrgreen: