Striped Hat

I was asked to make a hat for a co-worker’s daughter, with no guidence as to what kind or color she might like, so I decided to make two hats in one in case she didn’t like one. I started at the top of the blue hat and ended at the top of the striped one so I didn’t have to do a provisional cast on (I hate those). The co-worker seemed to like it (but she’s a really nice person, so I’m sure I wouldn’t know if she didn’t :roll: ) and she says her daughter loves it. I’m thinking I want one for me with the same color stripes.

I love the green/gray stripe side. What a good idea to do them top to top, I think I’ll try it too! I saw a double sided hat a ski store recently and loved the style and colors, but hated that it was acrylic.


That’s a great hat, Cate! It looks wonderful!

Hi Cate:
I like the hat, especially the blue side. I am working on something similar for my Uncle; however, I used the provisional cast on method. I think if I try it again, I will try your top to top version. For some reason the crown portion of the striped side looks kind of hinky.

That’s beautiful! I’m very impressed. :notworthy:

way to go, I’m impressed, not sure I want my sis to see that one either

That is so neat! Love love love the gray/green!

wow! That’s so smart!!! :cheering:

Cate - the hat looks great!!!