Striped hat

Good evening,
I want to make a striped hat however when I switch colors it always looks odd. Like you can see the “v” below in the contrasting color. Is there a trick to avoid this? I don’t see this problem when I see other knitted striped hats.
Thank you

It’s the jog.
Try this

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I think YarnPlease has it covered with it being the jog but thought I’d mention, if you have rib or a combination of knits and purls rather than all knit on the RS then a new colour will show through little purl bumps below in the old colour. You can either decide it’s a nice colour feature or avoid it by slipping the purls on the colour change round. If you have complex cables or lace patterns in the hat this might not be possible on certain rounds or could need some experimentation, but otherwise it works pretty well.