Striped Chevron Socks Color Change Timing

I’m ready to change colors in my Christmas red-and-white-striped chevron socks. Should I change colors after the pattern row or after the knit row for a smoother look? The stitch pattern is only two rows. Row 1 has the slip, K2tog, PSSO and is followed by a knit row. The picture is a sample, not my work! I asked the knitter via facebook but she hasn’t responded yet. I know someone here will know! image|986x1039

Those will be very nice Christmas socks. Thank you for the link.
I tried this on a swatch and was surprised to see that changing to the new color on the pattern row (row 1) looked neater to me. The psso drops down and doesn’t interfere with the previous row.

Of course, you can try out a small swatch and see what you prefer.

You’re so generous! I was hoping to avoid swatching! I did my first color change and am not sure if I don’t like it or if my lifeline is interfering. I’m also trying to make short (narrow?) even stripes and land on red for my Fleegle heel.