Striped bag--help needed

I am making a simple striped bag, 4 rows in purple, 4 rows in lavendar, till desired length. Here is my question, each time that I switch colors, should I cut the yarn and sew it in later (i will be putting sides in, so I will need yarn anyway) or is there something else I can do…leave the yarn where it is, pick it up again after 4 rows? is that something that is done, or does that just cause more complications.

So far, I have done both things stated above and am getting a [I]very[/I] messy stockinette edge, which i will probably cover up by sewing into the second row rather than the first one when I put the sides in.

Regardless, the question still stands, shall I cut the yarn each time at the end of 4 rows or leave it and pick it up?

Thanks in advance.

For a couple of rows I usually carry the yarn up and not cut it…but it depends on how you want the edge to look. If you will be felting or covering it up with the sides you may be able to get away with carrying every 4 rows…or maybe changing it to every 2 rows :thumbsup:

If there will be a seam, or if you will be felting the work, carry the other (non-working) color this way: At the beginning of each row, lift the working color from under the non-working color, and snug the non-working color up against the first stitch. This works better for me than just carrying the non-working color straight up.

If this is confusing, what you are actually doing is wrapping the non-working color with the working one, one time.

Hope this helps –

If it’s going to be lined then it also makes sense to carry the yarn. You just don’t want long floats to catch on anything.

actually, there won’t be a lining. I have been carrying the yarn so far and seems to work a lot better than cutting it each time. I hope that it works well enough that nothing catches on them, since I will be using the bag for storing my current knitting projects…will post a pic of inside and out when finished!

Sorry it took so long to post this, but been busy busy with baby…

Here it is, the completed bag, I made the handles a bit too long (as they do stretch quite a bit when there is weight in the bag, but alls well, as it was my first time!

These are the roses I made, wish the book had given some advice on how to attach them or some tricks on how to make it easier. As you can see, the middle one is a bit too large (I decided to try using two colors to make a third color, umm, not so good, but now I know how to make something that feels a lot more rigid than just using one yarn at a time).


that turned out really nice - your flowers are adorable!