Stripe looks bad on side that will turn up. Is there a way to turn it around?

I’m making thishat, but adding a stripe. So my problem is that the wrong side looks bad, but it will get folded up and show unless I knit the whole rest of the hat in purl instead of knit. Is there a way to turm around and go the other direction without leaving a whole or have it look really bad?

Oh, BTW, this is MIKE, Gina’s DH.

I am bad about remembering everything I have learned in the past, but yes, I think you can just turn the hat so that the wrong side faces you and start knitting the other direction. This will leave a small gap (and maybe not noticable), but even that can be minimized by doing a wrap and turn. I made a couple of hats that utilize this idea as a design element. You can do a search about how to do a wrap and turn. Basically you slip one stitch before you turn, wrap the yarn around it, and slip it back, then turn and knit the other way. This puts the reverse stockinette on the outside. Also the place where you turn may be hidden by the folded up part of the hat.