Strip Knitting

Has anyone done any strip knitting? Okay, not that kind! I have a huge stash of fabric and recently saw kits for sale using strips of fabric to knit a bag. Cute idea!

Just wanted any tips or tricks from the how-to specialists. Thanks!

:roflhard: :roflhard:
okay i confess…it sounded like a drunken party game to me!!!

Nope, but I have done crocheting with fabric strips. I actually learned to crochet using a Q hook and sheets torn into strips, making them into rag rugs.

I was fully dressed at the time. :wink:

I didn’t get it at first … it went sailing way above my head … :lol: :oops:

HAhah. when i saw the new topic in the forum i was “No, but that sounds FUN!!!”

but I’ve never done it. either kind.