String for crochet

i want to make a bag to carry stuff in
the last one i made stretched
i made it out of cotton
i crochet it with a small hook and only used sc
it stretched out hugely
i washed and dried it twice
didnt help
can i use ordinary string
i would use 2 strands at once
is it possible

You can buy what’s called kitchen cotton which is much thicker, like yarn, and you’d use a large crochet hook. Look for Sugar and Cream, Peaches and cream, Lion Cotton, or Bernat’s Handicrafter cotton.

actually i used peaches and cream
so i will buy kitchen cotton
thanks for the reply

Peaches and cream IS the same as kitchen cotton. And it will stretch, it’s supposed to in a market bag. I thought you meant you used thin crochet thread, not the yarn.

then i must have used to big a hook
because it really stretch out

What size did you use?