Stretchy Cast off for k2 p2

I am making a scarf which i want to have flared ends, i have started it in k1 p1 and was intending to switch to the stretchier k2p2 to encouage it to flare, however hte standard cast off is quite tight and wouldn’t let in flare properly is there a more appropriate cast off?
PS fantastic site!

Welcome Wieselkind!

You could try working an increase in the bo row.

One I’ve used for a stretch edge is:
*bind off 2, YO, bind off the YO; repeat from *

That didn’t create a flare, it just made it more flexible. I think if you worked an increase like a M1F or M1B, that could create more flare. If not, you could try doing it between every stitch, rather than between every pair of stitches.

Hope that helps…

Thanks, i’ll give it a go and keep you posted.

I’ve used, and liked, the suspended stitch bind-off at: . It still gives a bound-off look though, so Amy’s suggestion is probably better for ribs.