Stretchy BO?

Hi all,

Which video should I follow if I need a stretchy bind off? I’m finished with the first half of my baby longies, and after doing the ribbing for the ankle area it calls for a stretchy bind off. Not sure which video I should follow.


I think the tubular bind off is reasonably stretchy.

The Sewn Bind Off is the stretchiest of all… that I’ve found. And it’s super easy. There’s directions on this page of one of my sock tutorials.

I found the Russian Bind-off to be stretchy and easy to do.


I haven’t tried it yet but I’ve heard the yo bind off is stretchy

Silver–is this technique kind of like the kitchener stitching?

Kinda, but not nearly as difficult. You just go through two stiches purlwise, then back through the first one knitwise and slip that one off. Repeat. Super easy, very nice looking, stretchy bind off. This is the only one I use for toe up socks.