Stretchy bind-off

Okay, so I have finished a couple of projects :yay: and am beginning a couple of new ones. My only issue thus far is the bind-off. Throughout the entire project it is nice and loose, until I get to the bind-off, it ends up tight and the end result is unbalanced. How can I make the bind-off looser so the project ends square? Help!!!

Three possibilities, in order of ease of use:

  • Use a bigger needle for your right needle (the one that forms the stitches).
  • Use a different bind off.
  • Bind off looser by making sure the forming loops aren’t tight around the needle.

Maybe you could also try using a crochet needle to bind off. Preferably one that is a size larger than the needles used for the project. I’ve found this keeps my stitches looser than struggling to pass the first stitch over the second.

Use the crochet needle exactly the same as a regular needle - In pattern (or however it tells you to bind off) knit first 2 stitches, hook that second stitch with the crochet hook and pull it through the first. Then knit another stitch and pull it through, etc. Easy.

Here’s a good link that talks about it. No matter which one you do though do it loosely.

I have a simular issue, my bind off edge is not stretchy like the rest of the piece. Help please

The article from Knitty that Jan linked to just above is a good one with several suggestions. You can also bind off with a right hand needle one or two sizes larger than the left hand needle.
Jeny’s bind off is good

Here’s another article comparing several bind offs