Stretchy bind-off?

I’m attempting my first sweater, and in binding off at the neck, how do you bind-off so it retains the stretchiness needed to get it over the head? A regular bind-off does not have enough stretch. I looked at the video page of bind-offs, but none claim in the descriptions to be stretchy.

What kind of neckline and what is the st patt (ribbing?)? One option is to use a larger ndl. Or, on standard chain, pull the worked loop up a bit longer before BO. You can also do a YO BO which allows you to input YOs, where you deem necessary, to thereby add sts to the BO (making it longer, looser). Tubular and sewn BO can both be adjusted in terms of their ‘looseness.’ (Tubular also looks really neck on a crewneck.) Keep in mind you don’t want it to look TOO loose…to the point of being saggy or unable to retain its elasticity once over the head.

It’s ribbed, 2K2P. Basic round neckline. Before BO it will fit over my head, but not after.

Hmmm. Are you BO in patt? Ribbing normally remains very stretchy if done in patt and retains the elasticity needed to draw in once stretched. With rib you could also try the tubular or sewn…but make sure you check your tension before you get too far as undoing these can be somewhat tedious. (These also aren’t as stretchy as rib worked in patt.) I wouldn’t recommend the YO BO as the add’l sts would affect your ribbing.

I use a k2tog bind off for stretchiness. You k2tog, then put the stitch back on the left needle and continue. Do it sort of loosely.