Stretchy bind-off help

Hi everyone! I’ve just finished knitting my PetiteKnit Terrazzo Neck but it doesn’t fit over my head. I used the Italian bind-off called for in the pattern and followed the instructions on their Instagram highlight for it, but it’s too tight. I’ve undone it and redone it twice. Any ideas for another bind-off I could use? It’s 1x1 rib. Desperate to be able to wear it… Thank you!

This looks lovely!

Is only the final bind off that is too small or is it also the whole ribbed collar? And the area where the collar joins is this too tight or okay?

I suggest you knit up a rib swatch in the same rib stitch and need of your top. Put in a life line in a different thread and rib another few rows so that the life line does not interfer with any bind off trrials. Then whatever you try do it on the swatch first, this way you don’t damage your top or stress the yarn by undoing and redoing too many times.

I would try a rib bind off in a needle much bigger than the one knit with. When youmuse a bigger needlemthe hand off can look a bit ugly and loose whilst you work it, however, I suggest you continue right across the swatch (no need to cut the yarn, just out a fastening marker or safety pin through the last stitch to prevent unraveling and keep yarn ball attached). After finishing guve the swatch a good stretch about and the larger stitches will blend in to the fabric.
Measure how far your rib will stretch without the cast off and measure each different bind off you trial. There are very stretchy bind offs which you can try but it could work with going up a needle or two. Measuring your head and working out how far your rib and bind off stretch per 10 cm will help avoid doing lots of different trials on your top.

Hope this helps.

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Welcome to KH. I’ve not used the Italian bind-off and had to look it up to be sure of what it is. Since it’s a sewn bind off similar to grafting so I don’t know why it would be too tight unless you pulled the yarn tight as you worked it. If I really need a stretchy bind off I usually use Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off but, as shown in this video, adjust how often and where I use a yarn over to reduce flare. Mostly I need a stretchy bind off for toe up socks and this works well for me.

Try this one. Works perfectly Sheep & Stitch video Stretchy Bind Off

Lovely sweater. Looks so soft & comfy

Thanks for this. My next sock project actually recommends this bindoff

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Be aware that it can really flare so feel free to make adjustments as needed. I have socks that the bind off was too tight and took it out and redid it. It flares. I don’t need the rib at the top to hold the sock top up, it’s under my pants leg, so I said it works, good enough.

I do a regular bindoff, using a needle 2 sizes larger. Works for me.