Stretchiest ribbing?

I know that some ribbings and stitch patterns are stretchier than others. Which is the stretchiest?

I’ve always heard that k2p2 ribbing is the stretchiest and it does seem really stretchy to me.

K2 P2

I agree–k2p2

I think 3x1 is pretty strechy, personally…

I’d go with k2,p2 as well. OR you can go with this:

Rib of Doom Instructions

  1. [K3, P3] work to end of round
  2. [K1,P1] work to end of round
    Repeat as needed.

This was used for the International Sock of Doom pattern for sock wars in which all participants had to knit a sock for someone they didn’t know (who signed up for the challenge) we all have different sized ankles, and this worked for everyone that I’ve heard. I was in it and my socks turned out great.

the sticking point of a lot of ribbing is the cast on.

make sure your cast on is stretchy, and the ribbing will be too!

k2p2 and add on stretchy thread…i bought one at coop , Zurich today and cannot wait to try it out… you just knit k2 p2 together with your yarn and the elastic band (very fine)… will see how it turn out… i am going to knit some socks with it …

Do let me know how you like it.

[color=indigo] :teehee: A dissenting vote: I like K2P1 ribbing. It’s nice and stretchy and almost invisible.[/color]

Whenever I use k1,p1 ribbing, my purl stitches always come out all stretched looking and therefore isn’t very stretchy. I wonder why? :??

[color=indigo]I always had the same problem…that’s why I switched to the K2 P1 ribbing.[/color]

Oh, okay. Glad I am not alone! :smiley: I may rip out the ribbing on my socks and try that instead. Thanks for the tip