Stretched stitches?


I had to tear out several rows of isolated stitches to correct miscrossed cables and now all the stitches on the left side of the cables are really stretched out. Will this block out or is it just going to be loose and stretchy? Is there something I can do about it? Thank you!

How much do you have knit? Sometimes it blocks out or works it’s way back in. Also what type of fiber are you using?

I have knit about half an afghan and had to tear out an isolated section of 12 rows. I’m using bulky superwash wool.

Hmm…I’m not sure if blocking will completely remove the loose stitches, but it should help. I would think with a project that large it wouldn’t be too noticeable once it is blocked.

I agree, blocking and even just the pulling and tugging that goes on as you pick up, put down and move the afghan around as you knit will help that extra yarn work itself into the fabric and cables.