Stretched neck- how to fix?

Hi everyone

I finally finished the Haiku cardigan for my 2yos. :slight_smile:

However after a little wear, the neckline is no longer that square shape, just a stretched oval, hanging off his shoulders. Is there anything I can do to fix this? Even if I can’t make it square again I still need to make it smaller.



I made one of those once and gave it to someone. I sure hope that didn’t happen to it. :slight_smile:

Maybe you could try picking up stitches all around the neck and doing two or three rows (or however many it seems to need) of ribbing on small needles. You don’t have to pick up a stitch in every place it looks like you might, skip once in a while if that seems like a good idea. If you add enough rows you might need/want to add another buttonhole up in your new neck edge.

It might not look perfect or win any prizes at the fair but at least it should keep it on your child and may look okay at that.

I think I’d crochet several rows around the neck edge. Crochet can help stabilize the neck as well as make it smaller.

I ended up threading some hat elastic round the neck, and it’s turned out ok. My mother suggested two or three rows of shirring elastic but I didn’t have any. If I’d done it to start with, before the stretching occurred, I think the result would have been much better- it’s slightly crinkly, but I guess it’s just a different effect!

Thanks for the advice!