Stress and Socks

I am addicted to knitting socks. After about a year and a half of not knitting, I finally picked it up again. I chose to knit a pair of socks for my sister for her birthday and have been making good progress on sock number one. This week has been a tough one for me so my stress had been out of this world. When it came time to knit the heel flap, I had to frog it three times. Now that I am working the gusset, I am also having to frog frequently. Stress is just horrible for knitting!

That it can be! I find I am fussier (if such a thing is possible) when I am in a bad mood…stress included. This means that any little thing that “goes wrong” results in a frog, rather than a quick fix…

Knitting helps me when I’m stressed. I get antsy & it gives me something to do with my hands. I wouldn’t work on a gift. But for socks for myself, sure. Besides, I make the same exact pattern every time. So I don’t have to think about it alot.

When I’m worried, I switch to working something complicated. Something I have to pay close attention to. Just to distract myself. Even if I rip it out later. It helps pass the time.

Life is complicated enough. Maybe now isn’t the time to work on those socks. Pick up something else. And take comfort in the fact, that even if parts of your life are out of your control, knitting is something beautiful you create despite it.

I finished the heel flap and gusset yesterday when I was super stressed about my computer. Losing so much email and web stuff was just paralyzing to me. It was far less stressful working on the socks I was less than thrilled with than try, one more time, to get my email back.

Yes knitting can help relieve stress and calm the mind although I have had it make things worse. A simple project at these times is best for me as I don’t concentrate well on difficult things when upset. I was angry about something recently and made some very big mistakes in a very simple afghan which made my mood even worse.

I always have or start a “brain dead knitting” project when there is stress involved. Blankets of garter stitch, sock legs of stockinette, hats, scarves…nothing that requires an active brain cell, just repetitive motion. :shock: