"Streamline" Cell Phone Cover

I just made this simple cell phone cover for my new flip phone. I’m calling it “Streamline.” Rather than having a button closure to keep the phone in, I’ve hooked the top edge over the antenna to keep it on the phone. I just inserted a 3-stitch buttonhole for the antenna to fit through. Easy! (Well, buttonholes are a bit tricky, but you can do it!)


Top view, and back view

Yarn: Adrienne Vittadini “Martina,” merino/silk blend, color 403. This yarn was mucho dinero; it had a sheen that was hard to resist. If I were to do it over, I’d consider KnitPick’s Wool of the Andes “Mist”, or just use some scrap yarn, or whatever I fell in love with at my LYS. If the yarn knits up at 4-5 sts./inch, it can be used at this gauge. If it’s a very different guage, you’ll need to change the number of stitches in the buttonhole: BO 3/4" of stitches, or more if you have a very thick antenna.

Needles: size 7, or size to get gauge
Gauge: 4 sts/ inch (or whatever you get with the yarn you love)


CO 14 stitches (or your gauge, multiplied by half the circumference of phone, plus 2 stitches)
Knit until work is twice as long as cell phone is tall.
Beginning of next knit row: k2, make a 3-stitch One Row Buttonhole (see below), knit to end of row. Use Basic Purl BO to BO all stitches. Fold in half so CO & BO edges meet. Seam up the sides with mattress stitch. Viola!

Buttonhole instructions (accompanying videos here, scroll down):
Step 1 – Bring yarn to front; slip 1 purl-wise, bring yarn to back.

Step 2 – Slip 1 purl-wise, pass first slipped stitch over second. (repeat this part 2 more times–passing over 3 stitches total, for a 3-stitch buttonhole) Place last stitch back on left needle. Turn work.

Step 3 – Cast on 4 stitches using the cable cast-on method.

Step 4 – Turn work (so RS is facing). Bring yarn to back; slip first stitch of left needle onto right needle and pass last CO st over it. …You’re done!


Very cool idea about the antenna hole!

[size=2]I have a question… how do you open the phone to answer it? :shifty:[/size]

Thanks Kelly!

You slip the buttonhole off the antenna; since knitting is so stretchy, it’s easy to do. Then you can slide out the phone to answer it. :wink:

Believe me, it’s faster than unbuttoning a button-closure, which many cell covers have!


OHHHHHH! I was thinking about those covers that unfold WITH the phone! GAWD I need a new BRAIN. OF COURSE you can just TAKE IT OUT. :wall: :rollseyes:

Really like the pattern Amy! I’d knit it if I had a cell phone…lol.

Amy, your cover inspired me. I am always losing my phone in my purse so…I made your cover (without the buttonhole; didn’t want to sit in front of the computer to figure it out) in lion thick and chunky chenille, added an I-cord (probably didn’t attach it the right way, but…) and it now is attached to my purse strap. The I-cord (loved doing that) is long enough to tuck the phone inside the center compartment of my shoulder bag and the phone is always within reach. No more missed calls!!! I just poke the antenna between stitches. Works well, but probably not as finished as yours. Instead of working in the ends I tied them in a bow.

My daughter was thrilled with it and asked me to make her one. She said I could probably sell them at the boutiques she haunts for $60+ each. I’m not going into business yet.

You are so clever. I love this site!!! :heart:

innovation is the mother of invention! I love this site and all of the inspiring ideas!
I’m going to do the same for my phone, Cheesie!

my daughter is a young single 27 year old…she keeps her cell phone at her side all the time…I have knitted several simple cell phone covers with a long I-cord strap to put over her shoulder and have made it with just enought space for the cell phone, credit card and ID…the purfect take along for the young person to carry when dating…love the idea of the button hole…I am going to use it for the next one I make…which will probably be tonight

Cheesie, I’d love to see a pic of yours!

Thanks Jive and Louine!

:cheering: Yay! I love your cover, this will be perfect for my phone. I wanna keep it clean and scratch-free and I don’t need a clip. Call me silly but does anyone find this ironic? I mean, we love knitting, a very old art,and yet it can be combined with the latest technology :thumbsup:
I am so going to love developing my abilities. Thanks Amy!