Streakers Shrug IK Spring 06

Has anyone made this yet? I don’t have the magazine yet, but am looking for a shrug pattern using worsted weight yarn.


Don’t have that one, but here are some free ones on the internet:

Not sure if this is worsted weight or not:

I’m making that right now – almost halfway done with the rectangular part! It’s turning out to be a very easy pattern. The only thing confusing with the directions was that the diagram and instructions didn’t tell what direction to go or the starting point. Just in case you do buy this magazine and do the shrug, it starts at the bottom of the diagram in the front. You work it all in one piece from front to back, including the sleeves (they’re knit sideways!). That was new for me! I had to do a series of COs at each end of the shrug to start making the sleeves. When the sleeves get wide enough, I’ll have to do a series of BOs. The lace sleeve cuffs are done separately by picking up stitches.

I’ve got quite a few customers knitting it right now. I also sell the yarn and the kit for it.


Oh streakers like streaks in the yarn :doh: I’m so silly. I was thinking the naughty kind of streaker :rollseyes:

I’m so glad that I saw your link because it mentioned a correction to the pattern concerning the yarn amount: each size needs one more skein than the pattern originally stated! Not long after your post, I had gotten halfway through the sleeves and realized that I definitely would need more yarn. I booked it to Michael’s today and luckily got a skein in the same dye lot. Whew!!! :pray: Thank goodness. Thank you! :happydance:


I’m doing the smaller size shrug, and the pattern directs you to pick up 33 sts along the bottom of the sleeve. This might make the sleeve pucker because there are more rows in that 10" than there are sts to pick up. For me it took 43 rows between the last CO 8 and the first BO 8. So, I guess I’ll pick up 43 or so sts and then do 5 evenly spaced P2tog decreases on the next (WS) row to get it to 33 sts. I’ve noticed some other knitters in blogland having this same issue and thought I’d mention it here… :wink:

P.S. I’ve never picked up sts for a cuff where in place of BO sts there are ends of rows… This is a new one for me!

I was thinking the exact same thing…“Oh yeah they call him the Streak!”