Strawberry hats size

I need to knit a strawberry hat for a 5 year old but the pattern only shows it to be from 6mos to 2years. If I cast on 88 sts it will be too small (calls for 6 or 7 needles and if I try 96sts it will be toooo big. Soooo I thought if I would try maybe a smaller size needle just might work any ideas on this??
Thank you

It must be smaller because of the stranding because ordinarily I’d say 88 is plenty large for a 5yr old. The difference between 88 and 96 is minimal so I don’t see how that would make it too large. It’s only 8 stitches. You can use smaller needles, but don’t go too small. It can make the fabric rather stiff. One size down shouldn’t be a problem though.

Thank you I’ll try using a size 7 needle.