I hate to tell all of you with winter approaching…but, they just started planting the strawberry crop here! ::strawberry: :joy: :strawberry:


Ooooh, can I volunteer to help pick when the crop comes in? I’ll bring the whipped cream and shortcake.
When we lived in Los Angeles, I remember buying strawberries in February, thinking that they wouldn’t taste very good even though they looked delicious. It was just too early for them. Turned out, they were the best ever!
Enjoy a terrific yield.


Here in Fl they are planting strawberrys also, so that they will be bearing fruit in Feb. when the Plant City Strawbeery Festival gets here.

Nice! Yes, we have winter berries here, too! Yay!!

Yes well, thanks for that. It’s bloody freezing here! I think it hit 10*C today…

Oops. :joy: As much as I love strawberries I’d be excited if we actually had winter here for once!!

No you really don’t - if it’s dry and sunny it’s not too bad, but add wind and rain and it’s like being in an ice cold shower!

Defo winter still here in Doncaster. Raining today. A great day to get knitting out

We’ve already had fresh strawberries! Yum! Our garden has buds on everything… lemons, limes, strawberries and soon the mandarin orange. :slight_smile: