Stratus Poncho

I am frogging this again and THIS time, I want to be sure I’m doing the “right” thing. It says “dec 1 st at end of every 6th row 12 times.” The lace pattern stitch is K1,[yrn, p2tog] to last stitch, k1.
But no where does it say how to do the decrease. I tried just not doing a yrn at the end, but it didn’t seem to work. Any ideas?

It’s on Ravelry…couldn’t find any pattern corrections and I commented but haven’t received a reply.

The easiest way to think of this is to consider the pattern stitch as a pair: yrn, p2tog. Change one set to purl sts and work the decreases. When those stitches have been used, change the next set to purl sts and continue with the decreases.
For the first decrease, omitting the yrn and working the p2tog is ok. For the next decrease you’ll probably have to change the p2tog to purl sts.

What a pretty, light and airy poncho.

Thanks for your reply. I have to confess, I’m going to have to let that sink in for a while.

The idea is that you don’t work the yrn, p2tog repeat at the ends. Instead, change the p2tog to two purls sts. Use one or both of them as needed for the decrease.
Try it out on a swatch so that you can make sure it’s working, if you’d like.

Thank you! I think doing a swatch is a great idea. Isn’t a purl decease basically p2tog?

Exactly. That’s why for that first decrease, omitting the yrn and just doing the p2tog will work.