Strange thing happening when trying to decrease

I started of my lap blanket pattern by casting on 84 stitches. About 8 inches along I decided to count my stitches and found that I had 94 stitches. I have no idea how this happened.

So I decided to decrease a few stitches to get back to at least close to my original length. I have decreased by knitting 2 tog and also purling 2 tog (3 times, on each end and in the middle) and still have 94 stitches on my needle! What is going on? Why don’t the 2 tog’s give me less stitches? :unamused:


It may be that you’re inadvertently adding stitches. Can you post a photo of the blanket so far? Use the up arrow in the middle of that top banner on the Reply box. Maybe we can see where things a going amiss.

But the thing is there are an extra 10 stitches each row. No increase. I will post it as soon as Hurricane Florence is gone, right now I could have a power outage at any moment.

Stay safe and hopefully dry!

Something similar happened to a neighbor. She added one st per row

Her problem was the first st he had upside down so it appeared as two sts

Please tell us you are fine after Florence passes. I’m glad that some are now named for men.

Well I still don’t know what happened but I did another row and counted each row as I did it, doing 3 decreases (two stitches together) along the way. This time I got the decreases I wanted. So all I can figure is maybe I was catching 1 thread instead of 2 while I was trying to decrease. :thinking: Don’t know what else it could have been. Thanks for all the replies.

BTW: The worst of Hurricane Florence stayed north of us, thank goodness! (whew)