Strange symbol in pattern

Hello friends,I am doing toe up socks, but part of the pattern says this:” knit f/b”which I know how to do, but the f/b has a superscript “2” right above the b. What does it mean? I have
never seen that in patterns. To me it reads f/b to the square???

What pattern are you using? It might be a typo. It could possibly mean kfb 2x. Where in the pattern is this? Is the pattern originally in a language other than English? Sometimes when patterns are translated into English some odd wording happens.

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Have you checked all the pattern notes to see if this is noted somewhere? I mention this as I often forget that pattern notes exist.

If it’s “squared” the stitch count would increase by 3 rather than 1, is there a stitch count at the end of this row that you can use to help work out if it is squared?
Or does the next row indicate an increased stitch count and how many?
If the stitch count is increased by 3 for each of these then it would be kfbfb.

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Thank you friends, and yes the “Superscript “ number refers to a note of how to make a “knit f/b” . Thank you for making me think. I guess I had a senior moment. LOL


We all have those moments, that’s why it’s so great to be able to ask a quick question.

Glad you worked it out.