Strange needle size! Can you help?

I was just given a bunch of old knitting needles, and as I was sorting through them, I found a pair that is marked as size 10, but does not fit into the size 10 hole in my needle sizer thing (for lack of a better word!), and it’s smaller than my size 10 1/2 . Has anyone ever encountered this? I’m guessing that they are quite old, and perhaps the sizes we’ren’t standardized? All of the others I was given match the sizes I already had, it’s just that one pait that is weird. There’s no manufacturer name on them.

They could be old, but they could also be metric or from another country.

Yes. They are probably metric sized or something. Are you in the U.S.? I’m in Canada, and my needle sizer thingy has U.S. sizes, metric sizes and English sizes. It would fit somewhere, and then I could translate it to the size I wanted, American or whatever. Do you know that the metric sizes in the U.S. can be different from the metric sizes in Canada!!! Different sized millimetres!? YIkes! :???:samm

Yes, I’m in the US. I don’t think they’re metric, because my needle sizer has metric too, and 10 mm is a quite a bit bigger. I don’t think it has English sizes, though–that could be it. I’ll try to take some pics later. It’s as if they are a US size 10 1/4, if such a thing existed!

I never knew US and Canada had different metric measurements…wasn’t the metric system supposed to make things easier? Yikes is right!

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All of my knitting needles are quite old, I inherited them from my grandmother, and I know they’re all US sizes. She was born in Maryland and lived in Detroit most of her life. I’ve found that some of them are a little bit off on sizing as well but some of them are perfect sizes. I have no idea what the discrepancy is, she bought mostly Boye needles from what I can tell. I always check the size of the needle before I knit something where guage is super important.

I was recently reading about needle sizing. It seems the old U.S. system ran the opposite of how it currently runs - in other words, the larger the needle, the smaller the number. Here is a link with a very interesting chart that might help

Boye needles are weird in - if I recall - sizes 6, 9, 10, and 17. They are off by a TEENY tiny bit.

I have no idea why this is. If you go to Boye’s web site, they claim to set the standard in needles by which all pattern manufactures work yada yada yada, but their needles are weird compare to all others in those sizes. I used to only know Boye and Susan Bates and I thought the Susan Bates were the weird ones - it is recently that I learned it’s Boye that’s weird. At least compared to the ones I’ve done the comparing with.

OTOH I have some pretty old Boye needles and they all say Boye on them - so maybe if the needles you have aren’t Boye, maybe at one time they WERE the standard. I dunno.

I just know the weird sizes is perhaps my biggest gripe with the Boye interchangable needle set.