Strange looking st st in a book

I recently got my KP order and i browsed through the books. In Debbie Bliss’ book “Special Knits” i noticed that the st st on some of the pictures looks strange (to me at least). It doesn’t look like ///, but rather like |/|/, when one side of the stitch is straight (the left one) and the right one is slanted. At first i thought it’s some special stitch, but then i checked the pattern and it said st st. Anybody knows how it’s done?

There’s been conversation on the board about just that but forgive my morning brain at not being able to think of what to search for to find it.

I think what it came down to was the ply of the yarn. It isn’t a different stitch, just the nature of the ply of the yarn that creates the different slant to the stitch.

Anyone else remember the thread to link to it?

I don’t remember where it was, either, but it does have to do with the yarn rather than the knitting.

Here it is:

It was a great relief to me to read this article. I had been struggling and frogging, trying to make my stockinette stitch look “right.” It was the yarn all along.

Now i see… Thank you for the link! Then i guess i understand why the stitches look that way…

Thanks for posting this. A while back I was in a yarn store with a friend of mine and we saw a swatch knitted up like that and was discussing why the stitches were ‘twisted’ on one side. I’m glad I didn’t buy any expecting to be able to knit a / stitch. :slight_smile:

I had that happen with the Peru Luxuery yarn from Little Knits

Thank you for the question and the answers on this - I didn’t even realize this was what was “nagging” at me - but now I know this is what “it” was and feel much more confident that I am not doing anything wrong! What a site - questions asked and answered you didn’t even realize you had! :happydance: