Strange ingredients

In the business of vanity almost anything goes. Creams, lotions, and cosmetics are reported to be made out many things that most people would be repulsed by. Fish scales in lipsticks, cow placenta in anti-aging products, crushed female cochineal insects in shampoo, and [SIZE=“5”]human foreskin in face cream.[/SIZE]…

A Chinese cosmetics company is using skin harvested from the corpses of executed convicts to develop beauty products for sale in Europe, an investigation by the Guardian has discovered.
A Norwegian biotech company said Thursday that it sees a booming business in providing cod sperm for use in cosmetics and chocolate.Maritex, among the world’s largest producers of cod liver oil, said it aimed to produce seven tons of processed cod sperm in 2002 for the international makeup market after pilot output in 2001.

For more facts on strange ingredients, read this March-April issue of Mother Jones magazine, page 83 or 85, I think.

Ya want strange ingredients? I have one word for ya.




:shock: :thud: Makes me glad I never was into wearing makeup.



That reminds me of pork products:
Head Cheese
"A coarsely ground blend of beef and pork snouts held together by gelatin. This product is an old fashioned lunchmeat. Eat it cold or try it on a slice of bread, heated in the microwave for about ten seconds. "

Ingredients: "Pork Snouts, Beef, Water, Salt, Sugar, Gelatin, Spices, Dehydrated Onions, Garlic Powder, Sodium Nitrite "

I guess when you’re hungry enough, pork snouts held tog. by gelatin tastes good. Hmmm…maybe on a whole wheat roll, with mustard.

Rocky Mountain Oysters…YUMMMMMMMMMM:clink: :whistle:


I have a really surprising list of ingredients, taken from the article in MOther Jones mag.

Aren’t you glad you aren’t rich enough to afford these products?
What lengths people are going to, to reduce the signs of aging. Getting older just IS!! EVERYONE gets older, until they die.

That’s what I say.

Collagen Mask;
has placentas harvested in maternity wards, which they claim
provides intensive skin rejunenation.
From their site:
What would happen if we were able to support our skin condition with the skin’s own substances from outside?
Placenta consists of various substances. The placental substances get into the……_placenta.html

Restorative Skin Cream,
has cultured skin cells from aborted human fetuses, they claim
these heal wounds without scarring" Those silly Swiss researchers!!

…derived from the skin cells of aborted fetuses, …

has bovine postnatal secretion, which, they claim, acts as a
super night repair and cell regenerator.

Wow! What do you think of that?

What, I’d like to know, is bovine postnatal secretion?

I went to a State Fair in the midwest, and they were selling something called CALF FRIES.


I found out those were calf testicles. How gross is that?

Yeah, I know, what they are, are kinda like gross. But dang, they are sooooooo good:drool: !!!:thumbsup:

Get outta here. You never ate any.

I suppose you’ll say that they taste just like chicken!

O hun,
I live in Colorado, the FFA have a fundraising event every year where Rocky Mountain Oysters or Bull Fries are the main course. The funny thing is is that they always sell out the tickets for those events. LOL!! Almost every other restuarant has em on the menu and you can get em in the grocery store.
We have em at the Moose once a month. When they are done to perfection, they are nice n crunchy, not chewy at all. A very mild taste and nope don’t taste like no chicken. Ya dip em in cocktail sauce like shrimp.:clink:

I live in a condo and my next door neighbor, a lovely black lady, cooks chitlins’. This has to be the worst smell next to a rotting dead person, I swear. It is gagging. Several years ago, I had one dear elderly black lady tell me that in her day they cooked them in big pots outside because the smell is so bad. It seeps into our house because our kitchens back up to each other and gets on the second floor for some reason through the hall bath. I have my Oust at the ready and soak the house pretty much! :rofl: :rofl: I have never tasted them, but they could be the most delicious food in the world and after experiencing the cooking smell part, ain’t no way I would put them in my mouth! :teehee:

You made every man at this site wince! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Caveat emptor! True then, true today.

And about the Rocky Mountain Oysters, they do those a lot in Wyoming also. Grosssssssssss!

My son never had to worry about any organ meat, because his Dad and I won’t eat any of it. My parents forced liver on us once a week, and my mother was not a cook.

It is bad enough to have to eat organ meats without the chef not knowing how to prepare it. My mom liked to cook tongue…UGH!

That is JUST GROSS! :wink: