Strange cable instructions, need ur opinion


I found some strange cable instructions in my stitch pattern book. I don’t know if it’s a big misprint, which there are many in this book, or if it’s just poorly written, which even more of them are. :??

[B]These are the instructions i’m USED to seeing…[/B] :knitting:
Work crossover on next 4 sts: Slip 1 to cable needle and hold in back of work, k3,p1 from cable needle.

:nails: The next set of instructions are the ones I want to know if it’s [B]REALLY[/B] something that is done with a cable pattern…I will bold the instructions that are in question…

Work 6 sts crossover: Slip 4 to cable needle and hold in back of work, K2, bring cable needle to front of work, [B]return 2 purl stitches from cable needle to left needle and Purl them, Knit last 2 from cable needle.[/B]

Is that bold section really worked in that fashion?

Thanks so much!!

it’s really hard to say without knowing what cable is being worked - but definately within the realms of possibility.

I agree - it’s possible.

Can you reference the book & page - maybe someone else will have it and can look it up. I’ve got 2 cable reference books right now (checked out from library).

That style of cable sounds familiar. I can’t remember where I did it, but I do remember bringing the needle back to the front and working the stitches out of order. A cable within a cable, kind of.

Sure, the 2nd one sounds like a braided type of cable.

The book is "The Big Book of Knitting Stitch Patterns:
The pic of the book isn’t showing up when I click on “insert image” so this is the URL is
It’s page 68 “Oval cables”

sorry, I (and my library) don’t have that book. But I’ll check the 2 cable stitch dics. I have at home tonight for similar. I do remember testing out some cable stitches earlier this year for a project and doing one that had similar directions.

I’m ‘seeing’ in my mind a column of purl stitches that runs down the center of 2 knit columns that cross back and forth. maybe something similar to this one at lionbrand: (you may have to be registered there to see it).

I have that book. Yes, it’s a small cable w/in a larger one. Do-able.


Here’s pic.

cam90066…That would be the one! thanks