Stranding with 4 different yarns

I am new at this. I have my yarns on bobbins. It like a jumbled mess. I can’t get any flow to my knitting!!! Is this the way it is?? I viewed the video, but it is with 2 yarns only. I really could use some advice.

honestly that is really just the way it is. i was doing a rug that required about 32 strands and bobbined them all. i think that keeping them loose strands would have probably worked better really. if the areas that you are working are small, you may just want to keep it one long strand so that when they get tangled you can just pull it…but yup…it is a tangled web we weave unfortunately.

If you’re doing stranded knitting (Fair Isle) if you keep one yarn above the other as you strand it across the back, you shouldn’t get much tangling. There’s no reason to twist yarns at all. I’ve read that the main color should be stranded along the top, and the contrasting colors below that–they have to travel further and show up more. I’ve done stranded with more than two and kept the yarn right on the skeins without tangling.

With intarsia, however, since the yarns twist when you change, it’s inevitable. Long strands work better, and it’s even recommended by Kaffe Fassett, the king of color work.

Thanks for the insights. I am going to try not using the bobbins once there is less yarn on them. I am so surprised at how nice the front looks compared to the wrong side. I hope this continues. I am a little worried when I start the decreases for the arms. This is truly a challange, but samething that I have wanted to try.