Stranding in the round, keeping gauge

so I’m making glittens I’m up to the thumb on the first one, and looking it over - and in areas I seem to have the occasional BIG stitch. I think in a few area I might have even slipped a stitch accidentally, but in other places, it’s just loose. I think this is because this is my first time stranding, and I’m afraid of going too tight.

As for technique - I’m using dpns (which I’m fairly comfy on) and holding both yarns in my left hand, with a yarn guide on my index finger. trying to use both hands felt way too fiddly with the dpns, but maybe that would help?

TIA for any tips/ideas!

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=DarkOrchid]I rencently asked the same question about stranding in the round with DPNs. The concensus was, don’t use DPNs, use two circs. It makes it so much easier to keep a good tension with the strands.

I don’t knit continental or English, so I can’t help you achieving tension using those. I drop the yarn and pick it up for each st (and, no, I’m not a slow knitter :teehee: ).[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

well poo, I don’t have circs in these sizes (although dh has been hinting that there might be some extra $ for me to go shopping after the holiday! ) so for now, I guess I’ll just keep on going this way.

maybe I should also search for your thread, thanks!

When I started doing color work in the round I carried both yarns in my left hand…and it just didn’t work…if you can learn to use both hands you will find your tension evens out a lot better…also make sure you catch the yarn every 3rd stitch…I know it can take up time and be like eeek another 3rd st but this helps so much… the long carry threads can also cause tension problems or for me at least…I use dpns and have no problems now…:thumbsup:

Wanted to come back and say - WOW does holding yarn in both hands instead of one make a difference!

First, it’s more even tension (and I had to go up a needle size, I knit tighter when I throw than when I pick)

Second, it keeps the yarn balls from dancing and tangling.

Third, I found a previous post that said to put the background in your right hand, pattern color in your left - and it’s amazing, the pattern is really popping this time!!


I’m so happy I decided to force myself past the awkward stage and just do it - my right glitten is going to be so much nicer than my left :teehee:

:woot: YAY!! I’m so excited for you…can’t wait to see them :happydance: