Stranding - carrying color without it showing through

All right, I know you gurus can help me with this one…

I think I’m an “advanced beginner” knitter - and am making my first
attempt at two color knitting (other than just doing stripes.) I am
working on a xmas stocking for a friend’s child (for NEXT year LOL)
and it has the name worked in dark green on a white background. I
am knitting it on a short circular needle (I have knit lots of
mittens and things on dpns, but thought I would try this.)

Anywhoo…I had no problem reading the chart and switching colors
back and forth, but here’s my issue - I assumed I had to carry the
green all the way around the stocking until I needed it in the next
row. That’s what I did, catching it every three stitches to avoid
the mega loops on the inside of stocking. When I finished, you
could really see all the places where I caught the green up in the
white, even without stretching it. In fact, it actually
almost created a textured ribbing effect in the white - not what I
want. So I frogged it.

What did I do wrong? Should I just restart the green each row, and
have to weave in all those freakin ends? That doesn’t seem right
either. Is there something about the way I caught the green as I
was going along in white? Should I just stagger it so I don’t end up
with the pseudo rib? HELP! TIA!

The problem was trying to carry the yarn all the way around. One way to do it is to knit if flat and do the name intarsia.

If you’re really averse to knitting it flat, here’s how to do it in the round–I’ll try to be as clear as possible.

Knit with the white until the first of the lettering, use intarsia or stranding for the letters depending how far apart they are, and work across with both colors for the first row. Drop the green and work around in the white. Now, on the next row, you’re green yarn is in the wrong place, right?

Work to the end of your name knitting the white stitches, slipping the green stitches.

Turn your work, and purl the green stitches as you slip the white. Turn back to the knit side.

Slip everything back on the right needle and knit around with the white until you get to the name again. This time your green will be on the correct side, so you can knit across.

Repeat these rows until the name is finished.

Brilliant - thank you so much!