Stranded or Intarsia?


I’m looking at starting a new project, and I wanted to try my hand at some new techniques. I found a pattern for the Peace Pillow in “Greetings from Knit Cafe” that I’d like to try, but I don’t know if it’s stranded or intarsia. I’ve tried to figure it out looking at different web sites and blogs, but I’m having a hard time understanding what the difference between the two are.

Can someone help me figure this out?


I’d do that intarsia. If you try to strand across behind the peace sign, it’ll tend to bunch up. You could do it stranded if you catch your yarn every stitch–the sign would still stand out, but evenly.

Not a very clear-cut answer, huh?

Thanks Ingrid! I think I understand what you mean…so, when you choose a pattern with color in it, you can choose to do it either in intarsia or stranded knitting, depending on which technique will work better with the pattern?


After severely zooming in on the image, it looks like intarsia to me. The lines up and down along the center straight part of the pillow look slightly raised (i love being able to look at pixels LOL) which is indicative of intarsia given the center of the peace sign (in between the edges) and the parts that show the background of the pillow appear to be the same depth (not raised at all) it looks as though the strands along the outside edge have the doubled yarn (where you twist the ends together) behind them. The curves on the peace sign also look similar to the ones on the C on my son’s harry potter sweater.