Stranded method issue

I’m knitting these socks in the round and the pattern calls for a bunch of colorwork. However, every time I change color, the working yarns tangle up. After some color changes, I have to leave the needles and carefully untangle the yarns. :gah:

When knitting on the flat, this is no problem, since when I turn the work, the yarns untangle themselves as I change colors in the back.

Is there a way to prevent this problem on the round? Or at least a way to make it less annoying?

I’m assuming you’re just using one hand to hold both yarns? I do color work with one color in each hand and keep a ball on either side of me and I don’t have as much of a problem although it does happen some. I untwist the yarns every round so it never gets too bad and at that point it’s usually just wrapped around once or twice so it’s fairly quick to untwist.

Like Jan, I find carrying one color in my right hand & one in my left helps some.

But honestly, they get tangled up to a certain degree no matter what I do. The more bobbins of yarn hanging off the back, the worse the tangles.

She probably doesn’t have bobbins because she’s doing stranded knitting not intarsia. :wink:

I hated the first sock I did of the Tiptoe through the Tulips pattern. I finally just wound up doing bobbins to make my life easier and keep the yarn from getting hopelessly tangled. I did a much better job on the second sock. It was really the first time I’d done more than one color. It’s something I intend to practice on extensively before I do a certain purse for my daughter.

But the thing with holding the yarn with both hands is that the yarn on the left hand never goes [I]over[/I] the right-hand yarn. Isn’t it a rule of stranded method that the yarn you’re going to carry has to go [I]over[/I] the other yarn(s)?

What do you mean “go over” the other yarn? Do you mean when you catch the long floats or twisting them so there’s no hole? You don’t twist them for fair isle only intarsia at the color change.

If you mean catching the floats it’s easy to do with two handed stranded - here’s where I learned to do stranded knitting with two hands. She explains how to catch the floats.