Stranded Knitting Project

I have been knitting for a little over a year, but I’ve never attempted stranded knitting. I want to make the Squirrel and Oak mittens ,but I don’t know if this project is a little ambitious for my first try at stranded knitting. Could someone suggest a simpler pattern to practice with first? What do you think?


Those are pretty mittens :inlove: I don’t know though. I did this hat pattern:
and used Patons SWS and Patons Classic wool. Since the SWS is self striping, it looks like more effort than it is.
Good luck! And if you do make the mittens, please post pictures!

Looking at the picture, it seems to me like some intarsia might be involved. It looks like there are some long stretches of stitches which might be too many for stranding (not that you couldn’t do stranding on the rest of it). I don’t think the pattern looks that difficult, and the fact that it only has two colors would make it easier.

I think the mittens would be a great way to start, for one your using a sport weight yarn so it won’t be a fingering yarn. Plus, stranded work is not very hard at all, the hardest part is getting your tension right and figuring out how you are comfy with holding the yarns. :thumbsup: this group on yahoo is holding a fair isle workshop over the internet. it is free but you have to join. it starts on Jan 30th. Might be worth checking out.

Thanks, guys! I think I’ll give it a try. I already ordered the yarn from KnitPicks. The online workshop that Karina mentioned sounds great, too. :happydance:

That’s great you decided to do it! I think it’s wonderful when knitters challenge themselves. How else do you grow? :slight_smile:

Please post photos in the WIP thread so we can see your mittens as you make them.

That’s great, I can’t wait to see them…I joined the yahoo group today :yay: